Ship Happens


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“Our life is a whirlwind of chaos today
Twirling around in an awful display.

We all get caught up when rolling the dice,
Dealing with things that cause too much strife.

When industry started bursting through the town,
Causing growth to the rich, the poor abound.

Yet any the man who’s humble and true,
Still finds love for his dog when he steals his shoe.

Rich battleships sail through our murky waters,
In wars poor men fight for wives, sons and daughters.

When seeking fine clothing, cars and money,
You’ll find the GO down, ain’t all that funny.

Keep peace in your heart and let love swell.
If you can’t do that, the RUN LIKE HELL!

Paul Lotz

“Ship Happens” by Paul Lotz is an intriguing bronze sculpture that whimsically captures the essence of unexpected occurrences and the unpredictable nature of life’s journey. This piece cleverly plays with the concept of a ship and water by incorporating an antique-style faucet from which the ship appears to be sailing out, as if water turned into a vessel mid-flow.

The ship itself is detailed with elements reminiscent of vintage naval vessels, boasting smokestacks, decks, and portholes, all rendered with a charmingly rustic finish. Beneath the ship, the ‘water’ is represented by a puddle-like formation on which the ship seems to have improbably run aground.

Lotz’s work is known for blending the classic with the surreal, and “Ship Happens” is no exception. It’s a metaphorical piece that invites viewers to reflect on the serendipitous and often humorous turns of life. The sculpture’s title, a playful pun, further emphasizes the light-hearted acceptance of life’s unpredictable moments, embodied in the permanence of bronze.