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“A Seahorse and Fish are not the likeliest of partners,
And to the world with narrow minds, their love they could not share.

But to this man it mattered not when love comes over him.
His heart begins to beat. For her, the oceans he would swim.

She longs for him, but from afar. Curiosity abates
For the gear a world of ridicule could jeopardize their fates.

Alone at last eh finds her. His love he must confess.
She hesitates to approach but longs for his caress.

“Come hither dear.”, he asid to her, “Succumb to my embrace.”
“Your beauty’s so entrancing that my heart cannot erase.”

So finally, this femmme fatale gave in to loving ways
When her passion was ignited by his soulful loving gaze.”

– Paul Lotz
The sculpture “Succumb” by Paul Lotz is a stunning bronze piece that captures a dramatic underwater encounter. This work of art features a dynamic composition where a seahorse is depicted in an ethereal dance with a fantastically stylized fish. The seahorse, with its intricately detailed and elongated body, is rising vertically, as if being pulled upwards by the interaction. Its scales and the dramatic flair of its dorsal fin are highlighted with a rich, fiery patina that transitions from golden hues to deep reds, giving the sculpture a sense of life and vibrancy.

The fish, with its gaping mouth and flowing fins, is sculpted with an extraordinary level of detail, emphasizing the movement and fluidity of aquatic life. The piece suggests a moment of surrender, as implied by the title “Succumb,” where the fish seems to be giving in to the embrace or pull of the seahorse.

Both creatures are mounted upon a rough, textured base that resembles a piece of coral or rock from the ocean floor, enhancing the nautical theme. The base itself is set upon a polished black stand, which provides a stark contrast to the warm tones of the sculpture and emphasizes its verticality.

“Succumb” is a powerful and evocative work that seems to speak to themes of nature, harmony, and the interplay between different forms of life. The use of bronze allows for exquisite detail and a sense of timelessness, while the patination process brings a fiery energy to the piece. This sculpture would be an imposing and mesmerizing focal point in any space, inviting viewers to contemplate the beauty and complexity of the underwater world as envisioned by Paul Lotz.