Crocodile Rock


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8 lbs.

“Crocodile Rock” is an imaginative bronze sculpture by Paul Lotz that artfully combines the worlds of music and wildlife. The piece features a crocodile standing upright, caught in a lively dance pose that brings to mind the rhythm and fun of the song by the same name made famous by Elton John.

With its mouth open in a toothy grin and a dynamic posture that suggests movement to a rocking beat, the sculpture exudes a sense of joy and whimsy. The attention to detail in the crocodile’s scales and the playful expression on its face are hallmarks of Lotz’s work, who often infuses his pieces with character and a sense of narrative.

The sculpture’s title, “Crocodile Rock,” not only references the iconic song but also reflects the playful spirit captured in the bronze. This piece by Paul Lotz is a celebration of music’s power to animate life into even the most unexpected subjects, making it a perfect piece for collectors who appreciate a blend of pop culture, humor, and fine art.