Bar Fly


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” Welcome all to my happy hour.
It’s time to forget a day so sour.

Now raise your glass and make a toast
With family and friends we love the most.

Before the Sand of time run out,
Lets drink and sing and dance about.

And should a good time be had by all?
Well pour another and have a ball!

But if the sands run out too quick
Flipping it over should do the trick”
-Paul Lotz

“Bar Fly” is an engaging bronze sculpture by Paul Lotz that humorously captures the essence of casual bar culture. This artwork features a monkey seated atop a liquor bottle, with one hand wrapped around the neck of the bottle and the other holding a cigarette, embodying the laid-back yet indulgent atmosphere of a neighborhood bar.

The monkey’s expression is one of contented revelry, possibly a play on the term ‘bar fly’, which refers to someone who frequents bars or lounges, often idling their time away. The animal’s finely detailed fur and realistic posture add to the sculpture’s charm, while the polished finish of the bottle and the creature’s attire give a nod to the sophistication that can be found within such relaxed environments.

With “Bar Fly,” Lotz continues to demonstrate his talent for infusing traditional sculpture with contemporary themes, creating pieces that resonate with viewers through their wit and relatability. This piece would be a delightful addition to any art collection, appealing to those with an appreciation for the lighter side of life and the playful side of art.