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” Welcome all to my happy hour.
It’s time to forget a day so sour.

Now raise your glass and make a toast
With family and friends we love the most.

Before the Sand of time run out,
Lets drink and sing and dance about.

And should a good time be had by all?
Well pour another and have a ball!

But if the sands run out too quick
Flipping it over should do the trick”
-Paul Lotz

“Cheers” is a spirited bronze sculpture by Paul Lotz that celebrates the jovial moments of togetherness and good cheer. This sculpture features two figures mid-toast, raising their glasses in a moment of festivity and fellowship.

The characters are dressed in traditional evening wear, with the top hats adding a touch of class and timelessness to the scene. One character leans back exuberantly, his face lifted in laughter, while the other, with a slightly more composed demeanor, joins in the toast. The dynamic poses of the figures capture the spontaneous joy of a celebratory cheer.

Paul Lotz’s attention to detail is showcased in the textures of the clothing, the lifelike expressions of mirth on the figures’ faces, and the realistic representation of the glasses they hold. The patina and polish of the bronze give this piece depth and a sense of movement.

“Cheers” by Paul Lotz would be an exquisite addition to any art collection, especially for those who appreciate sculptures that evoke stories and emotions. It’s a piece that embodies the warmth of shared celebrations and would bring a sense of camaraderie and gaiety to any space it inhabits.