The Monkey Bar


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4 lbs.

“Monkey Bar” is a captivating bronze sculpture by Paul Lotz, showcasing the artist’s flair for combining realism with a touch of the surreal. This piece features an anthropomorphic monkey with exaggerated, human-like hands and feet, engaging in a dynamic bar routine, a playful nod to gymnastics.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the monkey’s fur texture is intricately detailed, highlighting Lotz’s commitment to realism. The expression on the monkey’s face is lively and full of character, with wide eyes that seem to communicate a sense of enjoyment and mischief.

The sculpture’s name, “Monkey Bar,” is a clever double entendre that refers both to the gymnastic equipment and the popular social gathering spot, suggesting a humorous take on the social nature of both monkeys and humans. The monkey’s pose, grasping an invisible bar, adds a layer of imagination required from the viewer, inviting them to complete the scene in their mind.

This piece is emblematic of Lotz’s unique artistic vision, where traditional sculptural techniques are employed to explore whimsical themes and narratives, encouraging viewers to revel in the playful and the fantastical.