Mad Hatters


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8 lbs.

“Mad Hatters” is an expressive bronze sculpture by Paul Lotz that draws inspiration from the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. This piece features a caricatured figure resembling the Mad Hatter, a character known for his eccentric and unpredictable behavior.

The sculpture captures the essence of the Hatter’s madcap energy, with exaggerated features, a top hat adorned with a price tag, and a bold, vibrant jacket. The character is holding a sign or a card, perhaps an invitation to the infamous tea party, while the Hatter’s pose and facial expression convey a sense of whimsy and nonconformity.

Lotz’s attention to textural detail is evident in the lifelike rendering of the Hatter’s attire and the intricate patterns of the yellow brick road he stands upon, which adds an element of fantasy and draws the viewer into the narrative. The playful use of color and the dynamic composition of the sculpture make “Mad Hatters” a standout piece, emblematic of the artist’s flair for capturing fictional characters in a tangible form.

This sculpture is ideal for collectors who have an appreciation for literary art and enjoy pieces that invoke storytelling with a touch of the extraordinary. “Mad Hatters” by Paul Lotz is not just a representation of a character but an invitation to step into a world where the rules of reality are delightfully twisted.