Fly Frenchie, Fly


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9 lbs.

The sculpture titled “Fly Frenchie, Fly” by Paul Lotz is a delightful and imaginative work of art that captures the playful spirit of a French Bulldog in flight. This piece is characterized by a bronze French Bulldog suspended mid-air, its limbs outstretched as if soaring through the sky. The dog’s expression is one of joy and abandon, and the attention to detail in the sculpting of its features, from the folds of its skin to the bat-like ears, conveys a lifelike and endearing quality.

The French Bulldog hangs from three chains attached to the bottom half of a bronze sphere that is textured to resemble the surface of the earth, with a darker, net-like pattern encircling the upper hemisphere. This suggests that the dog is not just flying, but perhaps engaging in a fantastical journey around the world. The rough texture along the sphere’s equator contrasts with the smoother lower half and the fine details of the dog, adding depth and interest to the sculpture.

The choice of material, bronze, imbues the piece with a sense of permanence and classical beauty, while the whimsical subject matter offers a modern and playful twist. “Fly Frenchie, Fly” could be seen as an allegory for freedom, joy, or the pursuit of dreams, as the unlikely aviator challenges the bounds of reality.

This sculpture would be an enchanting addition to any collection, sure to bring a smile and a touch of whimsy to viewers, while also showcasing the skill and creativity of the artist, Paul Lotz.