Spirit of Calypso


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“She sailed all of the seas and oceans so deep.
IN a ship called Calypso, Cousteau he did creep.

He shared with us memories, this learned man,
Of an undersea world, line no one can.

He lived a long life of passions down under,
So in death he should live in this land full of wonder.

A spirit approached him in the shape of a fish,
To take him and his cargo wherever he wish.

]They traveled about and gathered some friends,
And had the grandest adventures that time transcends.

And what can we learn from this glorious tale?
Follow your passions and be ready to set sail…”

-Paul Lotz

“Spirit of Calypso” is a bronze sculpture by Paul Lotz that encapsulates the mythical essence and fluid beauty of the sea. This piece is a dynamic composition that combines various elements of marine life to create a narrative centered around the enchanting sea nymph, Calypso, known from Greek mythology.

The sculpture features a detailed fish with human-like facial expressions, surrounded by oceanic flora and fauna, including sinuous seaweed and other sea creatures. A prominent feature is the ethereal figure of Calypso, depicted as a graceful mermaid ascending from the depths, her form merging with the elements of the sea.

Lotz’s work is characterized by a rich patina and meticulous attention to detail, as seen in the textures that mimic the scales of the fish and the delicate folds of the mermaid’s tail. The sculpture stands on a polished base, which adds a contemporary flair to the otherwise mythical scene.

“Spirit of Calypso” by Paul Lotz is a fantastical interpretation of ancient lore, inviting the viewer to dive into a world where mythology and nature intertwine. This sculpture is an ideal piece for collectors who are drawn to the mysteries of the sea and the tales that have been inspired by its depths.