When Pigs Fly


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9 lbs.

This image showcases “When Pigs Fly,” a captivating bronze sculpture by Paul Lotz. The piece features a pig with wings, symbolizing the adage used to describe an impossible event coming to fruition. The sculpture is attached to a balloon-like form, reminiscent of an aged brass or bronze hot air balloon with a patinated surface, suggesting a vintage look. The balloon is encased in a netted structure, adding a touch of authenticity to the fantastical mode of transport.

The pig itself is a blend of realism and fantasy, with meticulously crafted details such as its textured skin, playful expression, and the small saddle on its back. The wings, attached to the pig, are detailed with feathers, blending seamlessly into the creature’s form. This winged pig is suspended by chains from the balloon, creating a delightful visual narrative of flight and fancy. The sculpture speaks to the power of imagination and the wonder of the unexpected, with its fine artistry and the whimsical concept that challenges the viewer’s sense of reality.