Waiting with Love


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“Waiting with Love” is a profoundly touching sculpture by the celebrated artist Mackenzie Thorpe, renowned for his evocative representations of human emotion and experience. This sculpture is a tangible embodiment of Thorpe’s artistic vision, bringing his distinctive style into three-dimensional form.

The piece features a solitary figure seated, embodying a sense of patient anticipation. The figure, cloaked in a simple, flowing black garment, cradles a clear hourglass in its hands—an evocative symbol of time’s passage. The hourglass suggests a narrative of waiting, of moments passing, and of hopeful expectation.

Rising above the figure is an oversized, lustrous red heart, glowing with warmth and vibrancy. This heart serves as a beacon of the love that fills and motivates the seated figure’s vigil. The contrast between the stark, monochromatic tones of the figure and the rich, red heart beautifully illustrates the power of love to stand out and provide meaning even in the most subdued circumstances.

The base of the sculpture is adorned with green leaves, which may symbolize life, growth, and the natural connection of love to the rhythms of the earth. These leaves seem to cradle and support the figure, adding a layer of comfort and connection to the natural world.

“Waiting with Love” is more than a sculpture; it is a narrative piece that speaks to the universally understood experiences of longing, of love, and of the quiet strength found in patience. It is an art piece that would stir contemplation and emotion in any space, inviting viewers to reflect on their own experiences of waiting for something or someone cherished. This Mackenzie Thorpe sculpture would make a meaningful addition to any art collection, serving as a daily reminder of the endurance of love through the sands of time.