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October 2013

“Really there is no need for words to describe what the eye can see and the heart can feel” -Mackenzie Thorpe

In this limited edition bronze sculpture for sale, a single figure climbs high atop a tall ladder, stretching a heart into the sky. The figure is depicted in Thorpe’s signature style: a child in a long, hooded duffle coat and big, sturdy shoes. The child arabesques, one leg into the air, like a ballet dancer and gracefully balances on the precarious ladder. He clutches a bucket filled with additional hearts in his other hand. Although he is perched high on this ladder, he doesn’t appear to be fearful at all. He’s filled with hope and ready to give his love and positivity to everyone that he encounters.

Thorpe likes to work in bronze because it allows him to play with making soft and delicate forms in a hard metal medium. The details in this piece are spectacular, as every natural imperfection in the wooden rungs and ropes on the ladder are visible. They come to life and look more organic than the hard material. The ladder appears more like natural wood than it does a bronze sculpture. The strong medium also allows for the child to be wearing a metaphorical suit of armor at a time in his life where he may be particularly vulnerable. There will always be hardships along the way as we are reaching for our dreams. He is protected because all he wants to do is spread love and joy. This sculpture is hopeful and lighthearted, filled with a sense of wonder and accomplishment. All he wants to do is give love and to be loved in return. We have all been in a position where we may be feeling vulnerable but we need to have hope and carry on anyways. Thorpe wants to emphasize that we will be there again, and that love is the biggest, most important thing that will get us through it.

The child is shown with no face, another marker of Thorpe’s iconic style. He wants the viewers to be able to look into the face of the child and see themselves in the image, regardless of race, gender or background. Thorpe loves the participatory factor that his sculptures allow for as the audience to walk around this piece and reflect on a time when they had to overcome a serious obstacle, like this tall ladder. It’s a reminder to always reach for our dreams because we will be rewarded with love.

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