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February 2016

“What might seem to one person as just a simple bump in the road of life, can to another appear as their own personal, insurmountable Everest. I believe these challenges are sent to confront us for a reason. They stretch us, at times further than we thought possible, so that we can grow and realize our ultimate potential as human beings.” – Mackenzie Thorpe

In this Mackenzie Thorpe limited edition sculpture, a single figure is standing atop a huge, almost insurmountable mountain. The man appears to be wearing cowboy inspired attire, with a hat and a long coat that is blowing in the breeze. The mountain itself is made of many individually carved rocks, giving it dimension. The sculpture stands at 72” high, just a bit taller than Thorpe himself.

The figure stands with his hands in his pocket and one leg in front of the other. He is created in Thorpe’s signature style, with no face, so that the viewer can picture himself in the image. Although we can’t see his face, his body language communicates a sense of achievement. He has scaled the precarious cliff and is proud of his accomplishments. The reflective stainless steel material, paired with the scale of this piece allows the viewers to literally see themselves reflected in the artwork. Thorpe likes to create his sculptures with a participatory factor, so the viewers can take this time to reflect on an achievement that they are particularly proud of, like scaling a giant mountain.

Hills and cliffs are a common theme in Thorpe’s work. He believes that we will always encounter bumps and troubles on our journey, but we need to have hope that we will get through it. He likes to take his viewers to the edge of the cliff, to the point where they can look over and know they will be just fine. Much like his decision to pursue art full time, he knew that his family would not understand but that if he gave it everything he could, bringing positivity and love along the way, he would be fine.

The breathtaking mountain in this image is not dissimilar to what you will see in and around Lake Tahoe where Marcus Ashley Gallery is located. In addition to several Mackenzie Thorpe artworks for sale, Marcus Ashley Gallery exhibits over 40 of the most iconic artists of our time. The gallery has been locally owned and operated for 18 years, providing luxury customer service, as well as any recommendations for upcoming community events.