Love and Peace


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“Love and Peace” by Mackenzie Thorpe is a tranquil pastel on paper artwork, softly unfolding across its generous dimensions. The scene is one of serene beauty, featuring a calm lake cradled by a gentle embrace of lush pine trees under a pastel sky suffused with the warm glow of dawn or dusk.

In this harmonious landscape, Thorpe masterfully balances the composition with towering trees standing as silent sentinels on the left, their foliage rich with varying shades of green that suggest the whisper of leaves in a quiet breeze. On the right, a smaller grove of trees, possibly a family, huddle together, witnessing the day’s soft breath over the waters. The mist rising from the lake adds an ethereal quality, blurring the line between water and air, reality and dream.

Central to the theme, a solitary figure on a pier reaches out to the world in a gesture that is open to interpretation—perhaps an act of releasing a bird, or a symbolic moment of setting free one’s hopes or burdens. This simple yet profound act is underscored by the single red element, a touch that draws the eye and heart towards the essence of the work.

“Love and Peace” speaks to the stillness and the quiet moments of reflection that nature affords. It is a poignant piece that would resonate with collectors who are drawn to works of contemplative calmness and those who seek a visual retreat from the complexities of the modern world. It invites viewers to pause, breathe, and connect with the universal feelings of love and peace that the title so aptly encapsulates. This piece would bring a sense of tranquility and thoughtful elegance to any collection.