All The Love In The World


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

Release Date

August 2022

“I’m thrilled with this piece. I love the contrast between the different colored patinas. And by polishing the bronze, the heart literally glows.” – Mackenzie Thorpe

Lake Tahoe is synonymous with natural beauty and tranquility. As an upcoming art district in California, the town is known for its lively yet relaxing vibes, picturesque landscapes, friendly community, and the globally renowned Marcus Ashley Gallery. Visitors will find the intriguing Mackenzie Thorpe art exhibits along its majestic hallways, lined with arresting works of art by legendary and up-and-coming artists.

Thorpe crafts his limited-edition All The Love in the World sculpture with absolute attention to detail. His distinctive duffle coat child holds a heart close amidst a tangle of low-hanging vines. As the child sows the seeds of love, it sinks deep into the earth before emerging as bulbous red hearts. Contrasting polished patinas create a smorgasbord of depth, dimension, and perspective, while clean lines and smooth contours impart a surreal yet relatable composition.

Thorpe shows us how love can protect, guard, and shield us from negativity, toxicity, and bad energy. Love can grow perpetually and, when nurtured with care, light up the world’s darkest corners. The sculptor injects deep emotional value into All The Love in the World to reveal how much we can accomplish together through love.