Like Father Like Son


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

Release Date

November 2016

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This will come to you either unframed and tubed with complimentary Continental U.S. shipping – use code ARTFREESHIP – or you can add a custom frame with us.

“Beyond the final whistle to the game that has no end, Father and Son. I love the sense of shared community which comes from football. Fathers going to the match with their sons, friends and families all going along together to cheer the team on; the camaraderie that’s what I really like”
” – Mackenzie Thorpe

In this Mackenzie Thorpe limited edition print for sale, two figures stand against a stark white background looking directly out at the viewer. Both figures are wearing black football (soccer) uniforms, a plain black hat, and sturdy, lace up cleats. One figure is significantly larger than the other, suggesting that he is the father and the smaller figure is his son. On the far right of the image is a round ball in Thorpe’s signature bright red pigment. The figures have no other distinguishable features as they are meant to represent any race or gender; The viewers should be able to relate and see themselves or someone they may know in this image.

When Thorpe draws figures in this particular style, they are inspired by his own childhood. This figure may be Thorpe himself or a child that he knew. Growing up, he would play with the neighborhood children often pretending to be British football players in the street and using the side of a house as a mock goal post. He has memories of Ayresome Park, which no longer exists, where the Middlesbrough Football clubs used to play. The pitch saw its last game more than 25 years ago.

They didn’t have much, maybe one pair of trousers and a hat, so they had to use their imaginations to escape to a more exciting world. A red ball is in the bottom right of this image as if the figures have paused mid play. The red pigment is signature to Thorpe’s style as we see it repeated in nearly all of his artworks. It represents a feeling of love, joy, and happiness.

This image is full of wonder and nostalgia as the child may think he can never grow up to fit in his father’s shoes or to be a professional football player. He really admires his father with a sense of love and respect, highlighting the unique bond that exists between a parent and child. The background of the image is left blank as the viewer is meant to use his imagination to further relate. Thorpe wants the viewer to feel a sense of nostalgia and commerardie, regardless of his home country, background, or favorite sport.

Thorpe’s own father developed Alzheimer’s later in life and the traditional role structure was reversed. He found himself taking care of his father in his old age, much like he took care of Thorpe in his childhood. He realized that the special and loving bond was always there, even if they were too busy arguing or making excuses to see it. The relationship and love between a father and son goes on beyond anything else.

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