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October 2017

“Nothing is perfect, not life, not humanity and certainly not my work; it is the flaws , the gaps, the unspoken; the bits unsaid, which make us both interesting and human” -Mackenzie Thorpe

In this limited edition sculpture for sale, Mackenzie Thorpe depicts a life sized child figure standing with her arms outstretched and cradling a small butterfly in her hands. She has one foot raised behind her as if she is about to take flight with the butterfly. The child has the signature big head and ear to ear smile that easily distinguish Thorpe’s characters. For Thorpe, the big heads symbolize the innocence of children, new and uncorrupted. They are full of endless possibilities and open to whatever comes their way. It’s only as we grow older that we become narrow minded and closed. He challenges us to “keep our heads as big as possible”.

The base of the sculpture is decorated with Thorpe’s iconic hearts. They seem to grow from the ground like ivy; A reminder that children plant the seeds of love and joy at our feet. This sculpture is life sized, measuring 63” tall. Thorpe likes to work in stainless steel because the viewers are able to stand eye to eye with the figure and literally see themselves reflected back. They can look inside the child’s face and see themselves as they were at 10 years old. The child has no face because she represents everyone; All viewers are mirrored in the artwork regardless of race, age, or gender. Thorpe invites people to interact with his work and loves this participatory element.

The medium also allows for the child to be strong, wearing a suit of armor, during a time in her life where she may be vulnerable. She is protected because all she wants to do is spread love and positivity. This sculpture is gentle and peaceful, filled with hope and lightheartedness as the child arabesques with the butterfly gently resting in her palms. We have all been in a position where we may be feeling vulnerable but we need to have hope and carry on anyways. Thorpe wants to emphasize that we will be there again, and that love is the biggest, most important thing that will get us through it.

This sculpture has an overwhelming sense of joy and wonder, as the child is filled with hope and positivity for her future. It reminds us to appreciate the simple joys in life, like catching a butterfly. Marcus Ashley gallery is one of Lake Tahoe’s premier fine art galleries. With a hundred years of combined experience in the art world, the owners, staff, custom framers, and art consultants all work hard to make their clients’ dreams come true. In addition to numerous Mackenzie Thorpe artworks for sale, Macus Ashley exhibits 40+ of the most renowned artists of our time.