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April 2019

In this Mackenzie Thorpe limited edition bronze sculpture, a bicyclist is bent over his bike as if he is speeding through a course. He’s wearing a red helmet, a signature to Thorpe’s style, and a blue suit with matching shoes. His mouth is slightly ajar as if he is out of breath or cheering as he races to the finish line. This piece is particularly interesting as Thorpe has been able to create the feeling of movement and speed in a stagnant, immovable artwork.

Thorpe was selected as the official artist for the 2019 Tour de Yorkshire. Inspired by his strong connections to Yorkshire, he created a collection of unique images to celebrate both the race and his home. ‘The Fastest’ is the first ever sculpture to be a part of a collection for the race. It’s inspired by the speed and exhilaration of racing. After success with his collection in 2019, Thorpe was asked to return to create another original series for the Tour de Yorkshire 2020. In addition to the collection, he has also designed the commerorative medals that the athletes will take home.

Mackenzie’s work is rooted in authenticity, packed with emotional expression and speaks of hope, love, struggle and challenge – values which align perfectly with the spirit of the Tour de Yorkshire. Bicycles have held a powerful position in Thorpe’s artwork and his established collections of cycling images resonate with cycling enthusiasts around the world. They symbolize hard work, fun, challenge, camaraderie, joy, and they provide an insightful commentary on life.

After his appointment as the official artist for Tour de Yorkshire in 2019, Mackenzie Thorpe stated: “I’m absolutely thrilled and honoured to be the official artist for the Tour de Yorkshire. For me the whole county is a never ending inspiration, the dramatic skies, the dales and the moors, are like nowhere I have ever been.”

When he was creating the collection, he thought about how the race would have a broader impact on people. In addition to the images of top fitness cyclists speeding through the countryside and coast, he wanted to express tender images in his own style. In the collection you will also find, ‘Riding with Grandad’ which shows a child in a Yorkshire town, learning to ride a bicycle, aided by their grandfather and ‘The boy who doesn’t have a bike’: a lone child standing watching the racers speed past and dreaming of the day that he too might ride like the wind on a bicycle all of his own. For Thorpe, that is what the race symbolizes, being moved by the sheer spectacle and the impact that it has on not only the riders, but everyone who comes in contact with it.

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