Sunshine and Stars


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Introducing “Sunshine and Stars” by Mackenzie Thorpe – an enchanting pastel on paper original art piece that captures the essence of joy, innocence, and the beauty of nature.

In this heartwarming composition, two childlike characters stand at the forefront, radiating pure happiness. Their beaming smiles and vibrant energy are contagious, inviting viewers to experience a moment of childlike wonder and delight.

The figures are adorned with colorful clothes, reflecting the artist’s playful and imaginative style. Each character holds a bouquet of flowers, which burst with life and exude a sense of love and warmth. Nestled atop each blossom, delicate hearts gently float, symbolizing the purity and affection that permeate the scene.

As the backdrop, a resplendent yellow sun bathes the characters in its gentle glow, infusing the artwork with a sense of optimism and hope. Its radiance illuminates the entire composition, casting a warm light that evokes feelings of joy and contentment.