Little Boy Fishing


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery celebrates art in all its forms. Although situated in South Lake Tahoe and overlooking the Sierra Nevada, the carefully curated art collection is not limited to works by local artists. It also features art pieces by celebrated artists from around the world, including Mackenzie Thorpe art.

Thorpe’s works are well-loved for the spark of hope and human spirit they rekindle. His artistic expression is pulled from the voice of his inner child, an epitome of innocence, freedom, and possibilities. He carefully combines this childlike wonder with the doubts and dark days that adults encounter. His work acknowledges the shadows of life and pushes people toward their dreams.

Little Boy Fishing depicts a solitary boy deep in thought while fishing. His bait comes in the form of Thorpe’s signature red heart. The subject rests in the middle of a hazy sky and a verdant forest. The muted colors invite viewers to reflect with the little boy, while the bright red bait reminds them that love, hope, and dreams will always triumph over any adversities and challenges that come their way. Little Boy Fishing also helps with inner child healing as Thorpe successfully evokes the feeling that the viewer is watching over their younger self reflect on life.