Lovers on the Bench


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

Release Date

February 2022

“Where we made our promises strong and true, this love will cast just like me and you.” – Mackenzie Thorpe

Mackenzie Thorpe art is part of the enviable collection on display within the venerable walls of the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Located in Lake Tahoe, the gallery is a grand space to view and buy the artist’s work. Thorpe relies on the depth of human emotions as inspiration to create his stunning, expressive sculptures and paintings that are easily recognizable today.

In Lovers on the Bench, Thorpe captures the beauty and strength of love between two people. The sculpture was first cast in clay, after which it was given the finishing touches at a foundry where its details were carefully brought to life.

This almost life-size sculpture has a beautiful bronze patina with a rustic finish. The faceless characters are a recurring theme in the artist’s work. That way, viewers can picture themselves in his art. The sculptor finishes with a flourish, giving both hearts a bright red patina that adds verve to the piece.

Lovers on the Bench is a heartwarming reminder of love’s purity, and the luster and charm of this piece only serve to amplify the artist’s sentiment. Interested buyers can place this sculpture in any corner of a room to create an uplifting vibe.