A Walk in the Sun


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery shares a deep love of fine art with the South Lake Tahoe community, which is why it features a carefully curated collection of original artwork and limited edition prints by local artists alongside the work of renowned artists from around the world. Among these is Mackenzie Thorpe art.

Thorpe is a painter and sculptor who creates tender “art from the heart” through the abstraction of animals and children. His work speaks to the inner child in all of us. His art pieces find the balance between children’s freedom and innocence with the vulnerability and cluster of dark days that become more frequent as we grow older. The artist hopes to evoke love, inspire hope, and encourage dreams through his work.

A Walk in the Sun visualizes the tender affection and gentle guidance that young children look for from adults. The warm yet muted hues of the sky direct the eyes toward the solitary heart-shaped flower in the child’s hand as the duo walk toward the bright light of the sun. Indeed, it is a calm portrayal of filial love and support. A Walk in the Sun serves as a reminder to parents, grandparents, and children that a family that stays united will encourage each other to bloom where they are planted.