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May 2018

“It’s a place full of joy and light, no worry or fear, but a life, built on the foundation of love” -Mackenzie Thorpe

In this limited edition bronze sculpture for sale, Mackenzie Thorpe depicts a child, standing on a foundation of love, made from several hearts, with her dog following along at her heels. The details in this piece are spectacular as every button on the child’s coat is clearly visible. No detail is spared as the dog’s collar even has a heart shaped tag in Thorpe’s signature style. The dog looks up at the child with love and she returns his gaze with pure joy and emotion. Their special bond and relationship is abundantly clear as they share this tender and loving moment.

A few of the common themes in Thorpe’s work can be seen in this sculpture. The child has no face as she is meant to relate with the viewer and represent any and every child, regardless of race, gender, or background. At 63” high, the viewers can look into her face and imagine a time when they shared a moment with a special animal in their lives. She’s wearing the hooded duffle coat and sturdy big shoes that Thorpe uses to illustrate that she doesn’t have much or come from means. The child also carries a heart shaped flower, that can be seen in several of Thorpe’s works, over her shoulder as she is ready to give love to whoever she encounters. Thorpe believes that Children are the source of love; they plant it at our feet, building a foundation of love that they nurture and help to grow throughout our lives.

Thorpe draws significant inspiration from his own life and experiences. He has very fond memories of his dogs growing up and throughout his life, stating that he can’t recall a time when dogs were not a part of his life. Most recently, he adopted two American cocker spaniels from a trip to Miami. He often illustrates the special and loving bond between humans and their animal best friends in his artworks.

Mackenzie Thorpe’s unique style and his unbridled passion for art and connecting with people is clear in this limited edition sculpture for sale. His global language of emotion has the ability to communicate with people from many backgrounds and cultures. This iconic Mackenzie Thorpe artwork, along with several other artworks, is available for sale at the Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe. Our knowledgeable art consultants are here for you both online and in-person to help you find your favorite artists’ original oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, limited-edition prints, bronze sculptures, glass and metal art, gift items, and books.