Calm Waters


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

Release Date

February 2022

“Life with its ups and downs, its twists and turns, dreams and disappointment. Through all the fears lies calm waters.” – Mackenzie Thorpe

Mackenzie Thorpe art is proudly on display at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. As a child, Thorpe experienced hardship and was inspired by the people in the community he grew up in. He admired their resilience, humor, and hopeful hearts even in the face of adversity. Growing up with dyslexia came with its share of challenges, but it did not deter Thorpe from flourishing in his craft.

Calm Waters is yet another of his brilliant works and took months to perfect, as is evident in the sculpture’s detailing and rich blue patina. The sculptor reveals a character with his pet dog aboard a boat. Between them is a massive red heart, which Thorpe’s fans will instantly recognize.

Thorpe conveys how love can keep us afloat through turbulent times despite what life throws at us. His unique perspective and gift for communication set him apart from his peers. Calm Waters is a testament to his brilliant journey as an artist and sculptor. This pièce de résistance will make any room come alive with character and charm.