Let’s Go For A Walk


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.



In just a few brush strokes Mackenzie has managed to
capture depth and character, highlighting a nostalgic
warmth between the man and his dog.
Day in and day out, the two of them walk together
in perfect tandem. Perhaps we all know this man and
his dog?
Artists have always drawn and painted dogs (Picasso had
Lump, Hockney had his dachshunds Stanley and
Boodgie) and Mackenzie is no exception, as a child his
special dog was Chip, and along the way there has been
many others (Walter and Paddy, Gemma, Charlie and
Meg to name but a few).
As any dog owner knows, they occupy a special place in
our hearts, and so its unsurprising that Mackenzie
features them throughout his body of work.