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“Vincent’s sadness and loneliness runs alongside the power and beauty of his work, and I wanted to try to capture some of this, as well as acknowledging the love and joy his art has brought to the world, sadly not in Vincent’s own lifetime.” Mackenzie Thorpe

The Marcus Ashley Gallery proudly includes Mackenzie Thorpe art as part of its trove of fine exhibits. As an abstract, contemporary artist, Thorpe is well-known in the art community for his emotive work. Every piece is immaculately created with thoughtful details that allow one to experience a series of moving themes.

As part of a limited-edition series, Vincent is Thorpe’s homage to the late Dutch post-impressionist painter. The sculpture is molded from bronze and stainless steel, giving it a lovely rustic finish. Van Gogh is positioned alongside his famous muse: a sunflower, and Thorpe perfectly captures the intricate nature of the blossom’s wilted petals and seeded core.

Sunflowers were the late painter’s favorite thing to capture on canvas during most of his time in Arles, France. Van Gogh admired sunflowers because they beautifully transformed the countryside’s rustic, unrefined beauty.

Thorpe shows us how relevant Van Gogh’s work is today and how it has served as an inspiration to many. Vincent is a touching tribute to the late painter and underscores Thorpe’s uncanny ability to inject deep thought and emotion into his work.