Morning Snow


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March 2017

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“Alone in my studio, an inner calm pushes through the noise and chaos of creativity. In this moment, I don’t have a clue where it’s all going to go, so I surrender to the inevitable and immerse myself in the pastel, the paper, the sounds and the feelings…always the feelings…ultimately it’s what drives it all.” -Mackenzie Thorpe

In this Mackenzie Thorpe limited edition print for sale, a shepherd tends a small flock of sheep in the center of a bare landscape. The ground is covered with a fresh and delicate snow that blows around them as they walk. The shepherd is alone with his two sheep, crossing what appears to be an open countryside as huge clouds in a multitude of colors billow above. The sun peeks through as the storm clouds clear, pushing out of the canvas, and fluffy white clouds with pastels accents take their place. It’s as if the sky is saying that the worst struggles are behind us and that the future is bright.

The shepherd is a series that Thrope likes to revisit as he personally relates to the imagery. He has a love for his flock of sheep, similar to Thorpe’s love and relationship with his own family. The shepherd will walk through the wilderness, stand on the highest mountain, or go without food and shelter for himself while ensuring that his flock is safe. Thorpe wants to be the man who will look after his children, protect, love, guide, and nurture them. He will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and happy, no matter the cost. It’s a reminder that everyone is going uphill and has their own struggles to overcome adversity. However, like the shepherd, it’s important to stop thinking about yourself and your own plights. Thorpe wants us to think more about what we can do for others, to just keep on giving without getting anything in return.

This piece is particularly interesting as it exemplifies Thorpe’s more painterly style, especially in the quality of the clouds. His work is honest and immediate, with little planning ahead of time. He uses his hands and fingers as extensions of the pastel sticks, painting exactly what he is feeling. In this piece, he expertly blends the subtle pastel tones with his hands, achieving soft transitions between the clouds. The urgency that he draws with allows him to express and capture the emotion he is experiencing at that exact moment.

The gorgeous scenery and first snow in this Mackenzie Thorpe artwork is not dissimilar to something you may see near our gallery in Lake Tahoe during a winter storm. Marcus Ashley Gallery is one of Lake Tahoe’s premier fine art galleries, situated in Heavenly Village’s bustling shopping district. Along with several Mackenzie Thorpe artworks for sale, the gallery exhibits 40+ of the most famous artists of our time.