Fields of Love


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“Fields of Love” by Mackenzie Thorpe is an evocative original pastel on paper that eloquently captures the essence of hope and optimism. This striking composition depicts a singular figure traversing an expanse of vibrant red blooms under an expressive sky, with a large red balloon in tow.

The figure, cloaked in black, with a stark white face devoid of features, is a quintessential Thorpe creation. This enigmatic character holds onto the balloon with a carefree yet determined grip, suggesting a journey or quest fueled by passion and dreams. The balloon itself is not just an object of play but a symbol of aspiration, joy, and the buoyancy of the human spirit.

Thorpe’s field of red blossoms is more than mere flora; it’s a metaphorical landscape where each bloom represents a heartbeat, a story, or perhaps a memory cherished in the field of life. The dramatic sky above, swirling with clouds and light, adds an atmospheric depth to the scene, contrasting the ethereal with the grounded vibrancy of the field.

“Fields of Love” is an artwork that will resonate with collectors who are drawn to themes of adventure, the search for meaning, and the celebration of love in all its forms. It invites contemplation and offers a daily reminder of the boundless nature of the human heart. This piece, with its compelling imagery and rich symbolism, would make a profound statement in any collection, provoking conversation and introspection.