Angel Affair


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Parkes recounts the genesis of “Angel Affair” as stemming from a night spent in the Zurich airport during a severe snowstorm. Stranded and unable to reach hotels, travelers were forced to sleep on the floor, creating a surreal scene of business men in suits lying like fallen soldiers on a modern battlefield of chrome and glass. Amid this chaos, Parkes envisioned a world where these weary men were visited by angels who offered comfort, solace, and gentle kisses to ease their despair and loneliness.

The artwork beautifully portrays the ethereal embrace of an angel and a businessman, capturing a moment of intimacy and serenity amidst the chaos. The composition is delicate, with the angel’s wings providing a sense of lightness and grace, while the falling hat adds a touch of whimsy. The background, with its soft gradients and minimalistic design, emphasizes the focal figures, drawing the viewer into their private moment.

“Angel Affair” is more than just a visual delight; it’s a narrative of hope, comfort, and the magic of innocent beginnings. Parkes’ meticulous attention to detail and his ability to convey emotion through his art make this piece a captivating addition to any collection.

Artist’s Note:

“Years ago, while I was trapped in the Zurich airport during a huge snowstorm, I had a rather interesting experience. Because we could not get to hotels, my fellow travelers and I spent the night sleeping on the floor waiting for the storm to pass. These were primarily businessmen from all over Europe trying to make their connections home or to their next meeting. I saw these exhausted men, most in suits, lying like fallen soldiers in some chrome and glass battlefield.

As I fell into a troubled sleep, I dreamed that all of these tired business travelers were visited by their angels that held them gently and kissed away their despair and loneliness. But like many innocent beginnings, one kiss led to another and the ‘Angel Affair’ idea was born.” – Michael Parkes