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In Intermission, Michael Parkes invites viewers into a tranquil and whimsical world where fantasy and reality converge. This enchanting giclée on canvas reflects Parkes’ poignant words:
“The lights are lowered, the curtains are closed. The Sky Circus is at rest. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do the same for the circus that surrounds us?”

At the heart of the composition, a winged woman in flowing robes sits pensively beside a majestic lion, embodying strength, wisdom, and gentleness. Her gaze drifts thoughtfully toward the moon, personified with human features, creating a whimsical yet introspective atmosphere. The moon and stars provide a celestial backdrop, enveloped in a soft haze of delicate clouds that elevate the dreamlike quality of the artwork.

Parkes masterfully blends elements of the mythical with the tangible. The intricate detailing of the woman’s flowing hair and the lion’s mane are juxtaposed against the subtle hues of the celestial bodies. The lion’s paw rests gently on a marble pedestal adorned with whimsical objects like a blue ball and a red ribbon, lending a touch of playfulness to the scene. An antique watch dangles from the moon’s horn, symbolizing the passage of time amidst a timeless setting.