In The Mood


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Dimensions 48 × 24 in


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“There’s no chance of romance with a blue attitude. You’ve got to do some dancing to get in the mood.” – In the Mood, Glenn Miller

It’s no surprise that the Marcus Ashley Gallery is a go-to hotspot in Lake Tahoe for lovers of the arts. The gallery displays an enviable collection by some of the world’s most famous artists, and art enthusiasts will particularly enjoy browsing through the works of upcoming artists. Do not miss the opportunity to view the Michael Flohr art collection that is gathering much praise within the community.

Named after Glenn Miller’s evocative track, In The Mood reveals a sextet jamming to the timeless classic. Just like the frenetic energy of the jazz track, Flohr uses animated brushstrokes that elevate the mood of this piece. The music piece is symbolic of the Golden Era, a time when America was recovering from the Great Depression and World War II in the 1950s.

The artist paints an intimate theme that reminds him of his grandfather, who served as a navy fighter pilot during the war. In this painting, Flohr demonstrates a powerful composition of hope, love, and dreams. The emotions of that era are translated through the exhilarating rhythm, energy, and revelatory highs and lows of the iconic swing song, portrayed beautifully by Flohr’s In The Mood.