Lunch with Degas


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Spend time with art and mingle with like-minded people at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. This brick-and-mortar structure carries a rich oeuvre of art from Michelangelo and Dr. Seuss to Mario Jung and Nuria Miro. The gallery proudly displays the work of emerging and established artists. Visitors will be delighted to explore the Michael Flohr art for its classic impressionist influence.

In Lunch with Degas, Flohr reanimates a day of camaraderie, great food, and fine drinks. As a waitress takes down orders, one cannot help but notice the delicate stance of the ballerina in the artwork overhead. Flohr deftly captures the pale, soft colors of the famous Edgar Degas painting.

Edgar Degas was a French impressionist artist who covered 1500 depictions of ballerinas in more than half of his work. Flohr pays homage to the great painter by matching the essence of his pastel drawings. True to the artist’s signature brushwork, smears and bristle flicks of bright paint surge through the composition. This piece places Degas’s work amidst a contemporary setting, creating a stark yet extraordinary contrast.