Classic Manhattan


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Dimensions 36 × 18 in


Limited Edition

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished

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“Seeing strangers intermingle in strange, new places is an inspiration to me. I am the guy that can be found out with friends in a café and notice a beautiful, warm, orange-violet light chipping on peoples’ faces across the room.” – Michael Flohr

Every year, tourists are drawn to the serene atmosphere and friendly locals of Lake Tahoe. One particular place in Heavenly Village that is worth a visit is the Marcus Ashley Gallery. This brick-and-mortar space is a testament to the patrons’ love for all things art. The carefully curated collections, including Michael Flohr art, are a visual treat.

The emerging artist has created ripples in the art community for his unique talent and fresh perspective. His work is a brilliant patchwork of rich hues, intriguing brushwork, and dynamic themes. In Classic Manhattan, Flohr draws emphasis to a striking woman in red. Her pretty cloche hat conceals a part of her face. Leaning against the bar counter, she enjoys a Manhattan cocktail. Perhaps she’s there alone or waiting for someone to arrive.

With furious swirls and smears of paint, the artist produces a spellbinding composition using a motley of pigments ranging from plum and crimson to amber and violet to add substance to this piece. Classic Manhattan will add character and charm to a wall in a bar, restaurant, lodge, or living room.