Venetian Lights


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Dimensions 36 × 48 in


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Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished

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“There is a flow that I try to keep in my paintings that evolves into a story of colors and movement that breathe together.” – Michael Flohr

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is a mammoth 4400 sq. foot brick and mortar space that exhibits the work of more than 40 artists. Besides its collection of iconic paintings by Dr. Seuss and Michelangelo, the gallery curates art by emerging and well-known artists of our time. Curious folks and art enthusiasts are welcome to explore the collections, including Michael Flohr art.

In Venetian Lights, Flohr transports us through a tapestry of vivid colors and mesmerizing brushwork. Gondolas cruise the lagoon in the twilight while some remain docked by the bay. The city’s lights twinkle to life as darkness looms overhead. Flohr reimagines the romance and magic of this lovely city in the receding daylight.

Layers of rich violets and midnight blues swirl with inky blacks and browns to create a texture-rich composition. Flohr’s unique imagination of Venetian Lights will unearth new and familiar emotions.

The artist demonstrates a refreshing perspective that echoes a Monet-esque influence. Flohr’s work is a resurgence of impressionism that holds artistic integrity and subtle modern flair. Venetian Lights is perfect for quaint or intimate spaces such as apartments, hotel rooms, restaurants, taverns, and cafes.