Beautiful Bell


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Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished by the artist.

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“I want to show that a painting doesn’t have to be challenging. It can be something that pleases your eye. It doesn’t have to have meaning. You don’t have to dissect it. Enjoy its beauty and what it brings to you.” – Michael Flohr

Art appreciators from far and near stop by the Marcus Ashley Gallery to get their fill of the exquisite collections on display. The Californian gallery beautifully displays art by emerging and world-renowned artists, including the urban impressionist exhibits that comprise Michael Flohr art. The raw beauty of street corners, gorgeous getaways, and marvelous architecture come alive through his work.

Beautiful Bell is a testament to Flohr’s thirst for exploration and adventure through the cobblestone streets of European cities. An ancient yet arresting bell tower stands against an open sky in this giclee. Smears of violet, canary yellow, and tangerine capture the changing colors of the receding daylight. The artist draws himself and his wife walking down the boulevard, enjoying the stillness and beauty of this historic destination.

Sweeping, gentle brushstrokes in deep shades of amber, jade, and periwinkle fill the canvas with a charming aesthetic. Flohr injects this composition with rich value and balance, making this a classic masterpiece by the artist.