Luck of the Irish


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery plays host to some of the most exciting art events in Lake Tahoe. Through its newsletter, the gallery regularly shares updates on shows that residents and travelers can attend. Visitors here are sure to enjoy an enriching experience. Feel free to explore the works on display, including Michael Flohr art, to find a collection that speaks to you.

In Luck of the Irish, Flohr fondly paints and immortalizes Fred, the late bartender of The Buena Vista in San Francisco. As an art student in the San Francisco Academy of Arts,  the artist would often sit here and sketch for hours while Fred manned the counter. The jovial keeper of the bar would share stories and jokes while whipping up drinks.

The artist captures the bustling energy of the bar as customers flock to the counter for a cocktail or two as Fred pours drinks for customers with expert precision and speed. Flohr ignites the canvas with bursts of fiery reds and deep yellows juxtaposed with muted blacks and browns. Furious, loose brushwork imparts a soulful yet cheerful atmosphere.

Flohr painted Luck of the Irish as part of a recurring series of paintings in honor of Fred.