Homage to Fred


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery exhibits a stunning collection of art with contemporary, avant-garde, realism, and impressionist influences. Besides art, the gallery also sells and displays art books to provide visitors with helpful reading material. Get to know your favorite artists better while exploring the works on display, which include Michael Flohr art.

The artist paints an homage in honor of the late bartender, Fred, of The Buena Vista. Situated in San Francisco, this bustling bar is famous for its ambrosial, rich Irish coffee. It was perfected from an old recipe made popular in the US by the cafe’s owner, Stan Delaplane.

In Homage to Fred, Flohr fills the bar with customers as Fred helms the counter. Keeping the old-fashioned vibe alive, the artist relies on deep, rustic tones to capture the magic of this charming cafe.

Fred’s friendly demeanor and kindness touched the lives of the artist and countless others. Homage to Fred will be a classic addition to a restaurant, bar, recreation room, or home – the perfect conversation starter. This piece proudly sits on the wall of The Buena Vista.


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