Blue Note


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Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished

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There’s something for everyone at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. From contemporary and avant-garde to impressionism and hyper-realism, the gallery’s collections feature a cornucopia of influences. You’ll enjoy exploring the works on display that include abstract expressionist Michael Flohr art.

Blue notes are the very essence of blues music. These notes are often confused with being the flat third and seventh of the blues scale. Instead, they’re microtonal pitches that exist between piano keys. It is that sweet spot between the notes of a blues scale and major scale. John Lee Hooker was one of many blues masters that hit a blue note with finesse.

In Blue Note, Flohr reveals a quintet of blues players jamming to a rhythm that emanates through the soulful, fierce brushwork. Incredibly versatile and unpredictable, the blues can stir up emotions from deep within. Some might find the dissonance of the blues unsettling, but there’s beauty to be found in the chaos. The artist captures this sentiment with elan in Blue Note.