Beautiful Venice


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Dimensions 30 × 18 in


Limited Edition

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished

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Tucked in the heart of Lake Tahoe is the Marcus Ashley Gallery, a colossal brick-and-mortar space with a spectacular collection of art. From Dr. Suess and Michelangelo to Steve Barton and Frogman, the gallery curates impressive collections. Stop by and experience the beauty of this grand gallery in Heavenly Village. While perusing the work on display, you’ll also find the riveting works of Michael Flohr art.

The Queen of the Adriatic is depicted with an exquisite tapestry of hues in Beautiful Venice. Nothing quite compares to the loveliness of this serene Italian port. Flohr captures the essence of Venice through loose, bold brushstrokes. The Grand Canal weaves through the canvas, creating a dreamy landscape. Flohr breathes life into Venetian architecture using precise yet undefined strokes.

Flohr enjoys painting the contrasting elements, landscapes, and atmospheres of foreign lands. Beautiful Venice promises to bewitch travel enthusiasts and lovers of Venice. Take home this original Flohr piece and be captivated by its timeless appeal.