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All wind sculptures include poles, ground mounts and easy installation instructions. All wind sculptures are signed by the artist


This piece will be shipped directly to you from the artist's studio. Delivery can take 6-10 weeks depending on size.

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is excited to reveal its collection of Lyman Whitaker art to the public. Come and watch the sculptor’s work spin effortlessly in the wind as they command the aesthetic of their natural surroundings. Whitaker relies on inventive techniques, driving passion, and artistic integrity to create his wind sculptures. Using elements of nature as the basis of his work, he hopes to inspire others to rely on better solutions to safeguard the environment. Viewing his wind sculptures invites moments of reflection, contemplation, and absolute serenity.

Wind Flower features curved metallic elements arranged beautifully in the shape of a bloom. Windflowers are anemones (derived from the Greek word anemos) with lovely vibrant petals that flutter in the breeze. These perennial flowers often pop up during spring and autumn, nestled in dense pockets of foliage. They are a breathtaking sight in woodlands and backyards. Whitaker reanimates the beauty and purity of these little blooms in Wind Flower.

The wind sculpture is designed to blend effortlessly with flowers in a garden, backyard, or lawn. The sculptor advises interested buyers to place the sculpture away from tall obstructions that could hamper airflow. Feel free to reach out to the gallery with any inquiries on Whitaker’s work.