Nautilus – Stainless Steel


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All wind sculptures include poles, ground mounts and easy installation instructions. All wind sculptures are signed by the artist


This piece will be shipped directly to you from the artist's studio. Delivery can take 6-10 weeks depending on size.

Prepare to be mind-blown by the Lyman Whitaker art on display at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The Utah-based sculptor works out of his Zion National Park studio, where he manually creates his wind sculptures. It wasn’t until the early 80s that Whitaker discovered where his strengths in art lay. His wind sculptures let him express his passion and thoughts on environmental issues such as climate change. Through his sustainable works of art, he hopes to be an inspiration to fellow artists.

Whitaker’s Nautilus portrays an abstract representation of the sea creature’s shell that carries logarithmic spirals. These outward geometric spirals can be found in sunflower heads, certain spider webs, and even in galaxies. The spirals represent the interplay of matter and physical forces in nature. Whitaker takes the humble nautilus’s design and turns it into something extraordinary in this wind sculpture. The bent metallic elements emerge from the epicenter, spiraling outwards like a geometric circle. As the wind sculpture spins on its axis, viewers get a glimpse of its core and infinite spirals.

Nautilus is crafted in soothing tones of natural stainless steel to elevate the beauty of the underwater world. The wind sculpture will look lovely by a seaside resort or beach house.