Single Helix Oval – Stainless Steel


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All wind sculptures include poles, ground mounts and easy installation instructions. All wind sculptures are signed by the artist


This piece will be shipped directly to you from the artist's studio. Delivery can take 6-10 weeks depending on size.

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is a highly reputed curator and supporter of contemporary and fine art. Our well-trained and passionate staff is primed and ready to take on questions about the works on display. Do have a look at our Lyman Whitaker art, a series of relatable and avant-garde wind sculptures. The sculptor’s work is designed for natural surroundings to encourage audiences to appreciate the beauty of the world. Whitaker shares that the best way to enjoy his work is to allow the sculptures to reveal themselves. The shapes and rhythm that each sculpture displays will leave you pleasantly spellbound.

Single Helix Oval is a Whitaker masterpiece that incorporates varying sizes of oval-shaped metallic elements. The supports are designed with varying lengths, carefully spaced out to create a long spiral. A single helix is one of two strands that make up a double helix in DNA molecules. Whitaker attempts to establish the undeniable connection between man and nature through Single Helix Oval. The wind sculpture’s natural stainless steel construction portrays a certain raw beauty and purity. Interested buyers can mount several of Whitaker’s pieces in an outdoor setting such as a garden, lawn, farm, desert, or mountaintop.

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