Zephyr – Stainless Steel


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All wind sculptures include poles, ground mounts and easy installation instructions. All wind sculptures are signed by the artist


This piece will be shipped directly to you from the artist's studio. Delivery can take 6-10 weeks depending on size.

Come and admire the iconic wind sculptures that form the  Lyman Whitaker art at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Nestled at the heart of Heavenly Village, the gallery is a highly acclaimed exhibition space of art, memorabilia, books, and jewelry. Our art consultants are well-versed with the collections on display and possess plenty of information on the artists. Vacationers, locals, and elite figures regularly visit the gallery to view and acquire art for private and public collections. We can help you choose the right pieces for any location to make the most of the art you take home.

Whitaker captures the delicate nature of a gentle breeze in Zephyr. The Greek God Zephyrus was known as the god of the west winds, and is the inspiration for this sculpture. Zephyrus adopted the title ‘messenger of spring’ for his reputation of being the gentlest of the four kinds of wind. Whitaker’s sculpture features sleek metallic elements that slice through the air with precision and grace. Abstract patterns and shapes slowly emerge as the wind sculpture spins effortlessly on its axis.

Zephyr is a stunning stainless steel wind sculpture that deserves a spot in a garden, park, beachfront, countryside, or pasture. It can be grouped with other pieces by Whitaker to create a wondrous “wind forest.”