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All wind sculptures include poles, ground mounts and easy installation instructions. All wind sculptures are signed by the artist


This piece will be shipped directly to you from the artist's studio. Delivery can take 6-10 weeks depending on size.

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is unlike traditional art spaces that often maintain a formal, disconnected approach. We prefer building close connections with clients, customers, and visitors from the get-go. Our services include worldwide shipping, hosting private art shows, and expertly overseeing the nitty-gritty aspects of art curation. Come by to experience the world of art through the gallery’s tasteful approach and congenial atmosphere. Check out our mind-blowing range of Lyman Whitaker art during your visit, a collection of handcrafted wind sculptures.

The Gemini star sign depicts the roman symbol II; a glyph joined by two lines. Geminis are often viewed as two-faced, but it is the nature of their duality that makes them special. It is believed that a Gemini possesses two distinct personalities that easily adapt to unfamiliar situations. Whitaker’s Gemini portrays an abstract version of the star sign, spinning in perfect harmony atop a singular base. As the wind sculpture twirls, it draws attention to Whitaker’s mechanical artistry and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Gemini is tactfully crafted and positioned to complement the parts that make it different yet whole. Whitaker creates a powerful piece worth taking home to admire at length. Gemini is perfect for a greenspace, farmhouse property, or commercial outdoor lawn.