Alpha Friend


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


Flat plexi-glass butterflies


3D plexi-glass butterflies

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is thrilled to display the work of the brother-sister duo, Miri and Barak Rozenvain. You’ll find original and limited-edition pieces at the gallery and on our online platform. Instantly recognizable for their depth, dimensionality, and textural brilliance, Barak and Miri Rozenvain art is a sight to behold. Every painting projects the siblings’ artistic approach and eye for detail. A room is bound to exude effortless character and energy wherever a 2Wild piece is mounted.

In Alpha Friend, a pointy-eared wolf’s intense yet gentle eyes stare back at the viewer in wonder. Carefully laser-cut plexiglass lends a 3D effect as butterflies flutter across the canvas, revealing the wolf’s rugged features. Vibrant paint smears, flicks, and drips impart a surreal vibe. Miri’s touch is evident through the vivid acrylic paint and 3D butterflies, which symbolize freedom, hope, and joy to her. Barak underscores her ingenuity and flawless execution with organic textures and an uplifting atmosphere.

In this piece, Barak and Miri strip away the complexities that define the relationship between man and beast. Alpha Friend captures the raw beauty of a lone wolf through a unique perspective. The painting will leave you with a deep reverence for animal life.