Sweet Friend


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


3D plexi-glass butterflies


Flat plexi-glass butterflies

“Sweet Friend” by 2wild emerges as a mesmerizing limited edition, mixed media creation on laser-cut plexiglass, showcasing the innovative fusion of technology and traditional artistic techniques. This piece features a bear’s visage composed of a riot of colors and textures, giving the impression of a spectrum of wildflowers coalescing into a familiar form. The laser-cut plexiglass medium adds a contemporary edge, enhancing the artwork’s dimensional qualities and allowing light to interact with the colors in a dynamic way. It offers a tactile depth that traditional canvases cannot, inviting viewers to engage with the piece from various angles. Perfect for art enthusiasts looking to add a touch of modernity and nature-inspired vibrancy to their collections, “Sweet Friend” stands as a testament to the beauty of wildlife and the cutting-edge potential of mixed media art.