Waves of Happiness


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


3D plexi-glass butterflies


Flat plexi-glass butterflies

“Waves of Happiness” by 2wild is an exuberant and dynamic limited edition mixed media piece on laser-cut plexiglass that captures the sheer joy and freedom of surfing. This artwork is an ode to the exhilaration of riding the crest of a wave, depicted through a bold and chaotic symphony of colors that seem to burst forth from the surface. The surfer, central to the composition, is rendered with a sense of fluidity that mirrors the ocean’s own rhythm. The use of plexiglass as a medium adds an innovative layer to the work, allowing light to refract through and animate the vibrant hues and textures. The laser-cut technique enhances the artwork’s multidimensional feel, making the waves appear as if they are perpetually in motion. This piece is perfect for collectors who have a passion for the sea or those who are seeking artwork that conveys movement, energy, and the spirit of adventure.