San Francisco Dreams


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“San Francisco Dreams” by the dynamic duo of sibling artists Barak and Miri Rozenvain, aka 2Wild, is a mesmerizing mixed media art piece that captures the essence of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the bustling streets of San Francisco.

This masterpiece is a one-of-a-kind creation that incorporates shattered glass pieces arranged in an intricate mosaic pattern. The fragmented glass pieces are carefully pieced together, forming a stunning visual of the bridge and the city’s streets, from an almost aerial perspective.
Looking at the artwork, it feels as though you’re floating above the Bay Area, gazing down at the breathtaking sight of the bridge. The colors of the glass fragments are carefully chosen, conveying the vibrant atmosphere of San Francisco.
The composition of the piece is superb, with intricate details that capture the city’s character, from the streets’ winding paths to the iconic streetcars. The broken glass technique adds a layer of texture and depth, bringing the piece to life and creating an engaging experience for the viewer.

“San Francisco Dreams” is a breathtaking piece that is sure to delight anyone who loves the Bay Area. The stunning mosaic, and intricate details come together to create a work of art that is both captivating and unique. It is a testament to the incredible skill and creativity of the artist collaboration of 2wild, who have once again shown that they are masters of their craft.