Waves for Days


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

“Waves for Days” is a striking limited edition piece by the artist known as 2wild, capturing the raw energy and untamed spirit of the sea. In a tumultuous symphony of color and texture, the central figure of a surfer rides a colossal wave, expertly balancing amid the aquatic chaos. The artwork exudes dynamism, as thick impasto strokes in shades of white and blue contrast with splatters and drips of vibrant hues, suggesting the frothy churn of the ocean’s surface. Hints of ephemeral graffiti elements and abstract expressionist influences lend an urban edge to the composition, encapsulating the surfer’s dance with danger and freedom. This piece not only speaks to the adventurous soul but also serves as a testament to the unbridled force of nature, making it an exemplary addition to both tourist-centric collections and the refined assemblage of a fine art connoisseur.