Swing of Happiness


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


3D plexi-glass butterflies


Flat plexi-glass butterflies

Indulge in your passion for collecting art by stopping by the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The gallery is a colossal 4400 sq. ft. wide and houses some of the finest works of art. You’ll find an eclectic array of exhibits by upcoming and established artists. The patrons of the gallery—a prime exhibition space for national and foreign artists, are veterans of the art world. Come and peruse the exquisite Barak and Miri Rozenvain art, an exciting collection of passionate themes worth exploring.

A player expertly positions himself, raising his club into the air moments before striking the golf ball at his feet. Swing of Happiness depicts the thrill of a game of golf. Miri and Barak Rozenvain add the final touches to 3D-like laser-cut plexiglass. The artists use thick layers of paint to create a rush of butterflies to trace the player’s imminent shot. Miri’s signature touch is evident through the parade of butterflies that symbolize freedom and happiness to the artist. Barak’s smooth arches and clean lines complement Miri’s vibrant display of acrylic paints.

Parts of the plexiglass remain untouched by paint to support the natural flourish of colors and textures. Swing of Happiness deftly captures the best of Miri and Barak in one frame.